After the onslaught of games in January, February does not look too shabby either. I am sure that most of you are still busy with all the new releases, but maybe some of these upcoming games will be up your alley?



Since there will be no new Souls title this year, Nioh is probably the closest thing we are going to get and boy does this game look good. The combat and level design is definitely heavily inspired by Souls titles, but it does things different enough to have its own identity. For one, the setting in Sengoku-Era Japan reminds me much more of Onimusha and will hopefully fill the void that the Capcom Series has left. The combat shares certain aspects with Souls, but from my experience you will fail miserably if you approach the enemies in Nioh like Souls enemies. Last but not least Nioh seems to be going for a more traditional storyline with cutscenes and many important supporting characters. Last year, I spent more hours with the Alpha and the Beta than on some full games and I think this is enough reason for me to consider this to be my most anticipated game of February.

Platform: PlayStation 4
Developer/Publisher: Team Ninja/Sony
Release Date: February 7th (NA); February 8th (EU)

For Honor


The basic idea of designing a game around the excitement and tension of a melee duel is pretty cool and everytime I see Jason Vandenberghe talk about his game, you can feel that this game is a passion project for the whole team. I had the opportunity to give this game a go during the Closed Beta and spent several hours beating up other players as a knight, viking or samurai. While the beta only showed the Multiplayer-Part of the game (there will be a single-player campaign, but no idea how long that will actually be), it gave me a good first impression of the game. The controls need some time to get used to, but the battle system is quite interesting and duelling other players in a 2vs2 ist actually a lot of fun and I enjoyed some pretty close and tense matches together with a friend. Dominion, which seems to be the main MP mode throws eight players into the fray and MOBA-like abilities and creeps that push toward the enemy base. In this mode fights felt more chaotic and the mode never clicked with me. I feel like I could have fun for some hours with this, but I doubt that I’d ever pay full price for this.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Developer/Publisher: UbiSoft Montreal/UbiSoft
Release Date: February 14th

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk


Ever wanted to play Guts, the protagonist of cult Dark Fantasy Manga Berserk and slaughter hundreds of men or monsters? Rejoice, because Berserk is the next game that gets the Musou-treatment from Omega Force. Koei Tecmo is promoting this game as the most violent Musou Title yet and that is probably not surprising if you look at the source material. Apparently the game mainly features the Golden Age Arc of the Manga and will let players control several characters from the Band of the Hawk. Don’t think I will buy this game at full price, but I’ll get it at some point in order to wreck havoc with Guts. 😀

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PC (Steam)
Developer/Publisher: Omega Force/Koei Tecmo
Release Date: February 21st

Ys Origin


The announcement that the former PC-exclusive Ys Origin would be ported to the PS4 and the Vita came out of nowhere during last year’s PSX. Ys Origin serves as a prequel to the popular Ys games and is as far as I know the only Ys game that doesn’t feature Adol as the protagonist. As with all Ys games, Origin comes with fast-paced action battles and an awesome soundtrack. I already bought this game on Steam since I thought that it would never come to consoles anyway, but now I’ll definitely double-dip.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
Developer/Publisher: Nihon Falcom, DotEmu
Release Date: February 21st

Super Robot Wars V


Super Robot Wars is probably mostly unknown in the West, but this juggernaut series has been around in Japan for a long time already. SRW games are basically crossover games that feature tons of different popular mecha series and are therefore the equivalent of a wet dream for every mecha fan. From a gameplay perspective these games are half Visual Novel and half SRPG and feature some of the most over the top special attacks in gaming (as can be seen in the trailer below). In the past only a few of these games have ever made it to the West and although this doesn’t seem to be changing with SRW V, Bandai Namco is releasing an English Asian edition of this game which can be imported. I wouldn’t consider myself a huge mecha fan, but there are some series that I enjoyed a lot and I therefore want to give this series a try on my Vita.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
Developer/Publisher: B.B. Studio/Bandai Namco
Release Date: February 23rd (English Asia Release)

Horizon: Zero Dawn


In Europe this is technically a March game (March 1st), but I decided to include this here anyway. Horizon: Zero Dawn was one of my favorite new announcements of E3 2015 although it was a bit overshadowed by the TLG, FFVII, Shenmue III insanity in the same conference. I am usually not that much into Western Open-World RPGs, but Horizon has something that intrigued me nevertheless. Aloy, the female protagonist in this game is incredibly well designed and Guerilla Games should be applauded for going for a female protagonist in this game. Let’s hope that they nailed the writing as well. The other aspect that I really liked about the footage that we’ve seen is they dynamic combat that has always been a weakness in many Open world RPGs in my opinion. If Horizon actually plays as it looks, I am sure that I will have a lot of fun with it. Oh and the game has robot dinosaurs! Just now a lot of previews went up on several gaming outlets and the majority of them seemed to be very pleased with what they have seen. Let’s hope that the final product can deliver as well.

Platform: PlayStation 4
Developer/Publisher: Guerilla Games/Sony
Release Date: February 28th (NA); March 1st (EU)

Torment: Tides of Numenera


I admit that I have no personal connection to the Planescape-Franchise, but I wanted to include it here as well since it is something that I would like to get into at some point. Planescape Torment is considered by many to be one of the best written games of all time and it was no surprise that a Kickstarter for a spiritual successor was funded with a then record 4 million $. This RPG is one of the big Kickstarter Projects from the early Kickstarter-boom and I am curious about whether the end result will be as good as the also kickstarted Pillars of Eternity.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Win, Mac, Linux)
Developer/Publisher: inXile Entertainment/Techland Publishing
Release Date: February 28th