Since I had so much fun compiling the preview for September, I decided to do this for every month from now. Please keep in mind that I will not list every major release in here since big titles like for example Battlefield 1 don’t interest me at all, but will rather focus on titles that I am personally interested in or might be unknown to most gamers out there.

Dragon Quest Builders (PS4, Vita) [Square Enix] [11.10 (US)/ 14.10 (EU)]


When Square Enix announced this Minecraft-inspired Dragon Quest Spin-Off, people were wondering whether they would manage to combine the best elements of both worlds into one game and according to import impressions they succeeded. I had the opportunity to play this game during gamescom and the game is full of charme and the building aspect is as addicitve as ever. In comparison to Minecraft, DQB definitely feels more like a RPG and offers a more coherent storyline and quests. For everyone who is still on the fence about this game I’d recommend to give the demo on PSN a go!

Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky (PS4, Vita) [Tri-Ace; Aksys Games] [18.10]


Exist Archive was the second console project that Tri-Ace announced after they got bought out by Nepro Japan and is considered to be a spiritual successor to Valkyrie Profile because of their similarities. Like VP, Exist Archive is a side-scrolling RPG that combines elements of a platformer and RPGs and the combat system is similar to VP in a sense that every button corresponds to one character in your party and pressing the buttons in certain combinations enables the player to create massive combos. The character design was made by Ex-Konami staff Mino Taro and looks great in the artworks, but unfortunately it doesn’t translate well into the actual game graphics which don’t look too good to be honest. Reception in Japan was mediocre, so while I am still interested in it, I think I will wait for more impressions before I jump in. The game is unfortunately a digital-only release in Europe, but physical US versions exist.


World of Final Fantasy (PS4, Vita) [Square Enix] [25.10 (US); 28.10 (EU)]


Announced at E3 2015 just before they dropped the FFVII Remake Bomb, World of Final Fantasy is Square Enix attempt to draw in more young gamers to the Final Fantasy Franchise. The game’s charme mainly bases on its cute visual style and the inclusion of many familar characters and summons of the franchise. The game features a traditional ATB turn based combat system and the two main characters Lann and Reynn rely on monsters that they meet and summon to defeat their foes. I played the demo during gamescom and while the charme is undeniable, the combat felt too easy and slow (although there is a speed up function) which is understandable considering the target audience. I get that some gamers are more exciting about this than about FFXV because of the turn based combat, but for me easy turn-based fights are just boring. The soundtrack is composed by Masashi Hamauzu though and will be released on 4 CDs. It may be strange, but I am more looking forward to the OST release than the actual game =P


Yomawari: Night Alone (Vita, PC) [Nippon Ichi; NIS America] [25.10 (US); 28.10 (EU)


Yomawari: Night Alone is a Survival-Horror game made by Nippon Ichi in the same art style as Hotaru no Nikki (which is bundled together with this game in physical Vita versions). The game is about a girl that takes out her dog for a walk and after she barely survived an accident cannot find her dog anymore. Her older sister goes out searching for him, but after they both don’t return, the girl goes out herself to look for them. The player explores the town with the help of a flashlight and can use several items like Stones or Shovels to progress. Monsters also appear from which the girl needs to hide away. While the game has a very cute artstlye Hotaru no Nikki already showed that appearances can be deceiving and I expect the same for this game.


Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration (PS4) [Crystal Dynamics; Square Enix] [11.10]


Technically this is not a new game since Rise of the Tomb Raider already came out on Xbox One and PC one year ago, but this month PS4 gamers will finally get the chance to play this as well. While the game is mostly a straight-up port it includes all the DLC that has been released until now and also some new modes. One of those is also compatible with PlayStation VR. The game will also support a Pro Mode when the upgraded PS4 Pro comes out in November. The game received positive reviews when it was released last year and many people said that it improves on the foundation that was laid by the Tomb Raider reboot a few years ago. Although I had my problems with the first game (mainly because of the excessive violence) I enjoyed my time with the game, so while I am not planning to buy the sequel at full price, I am pretty sure that I will buy it somewhere down the line.


Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel (PS4, XBONE, PC) [From Software; Bandai Namco] [25.10]


This month we will finally get the first out of 2 DLC expansions for Dark Souls III and while the setting is dominated by Winter landscapes, it reminds us of the Painted World of Ariamis of the first Dark Souls. To be honest, I haven’t informed myself too well about this DLC, since I don’t want to be spoilered, so all I can say is that I am extremely looking forward to playing this. Dark Souls III is one of the best games that has been released this year and From has shown several times already that their DLCs are worth the money!


That’s it for my preview for October. Of course, a lot of big games are missing in this preview and we all know that October marks the start of the holiday season in which all the AAA big hitters release their annual games, so it would be interesting to know what you guys are looking forward to. Feel free to list your anticipated titles in the comment section!