As I’ve already written in my September preview post, this year’s TGS is right around the corner (September 17-18) and in this post I want to present my expectations and wishes for this year’s event. I will try to order everything by publisher to make things more clear. In addition I will not include any mobile titles which nearly every publisher has in their line-up since I am just not that interested in those.

1) Sony


Sony will have their TGS press conference on September 13 and although it won’t only contain 1st party titles, I am hoping for SCEAJ to show off some new stuff.

  • Main focus for Sony will probably be The Last Guardian and Gravity Rush 2. Both haven’t been that prominent during E3 and Gamescom and I expect them to have a spotlight during TGS
  • New Hot Shots Golf will probably also make an appearance after its announcement last year
  • PSVR will be a huge focus of the conference and I expect them to show some Japan-centric games for it
  • One of the many rumours that have been floating around since ages is that Sony wants to revive one of their old JRPG IPs like Wild Arms that hasn’t seen an installment since the PS2 era. As every TGS people will hope for that, but I wouldn’t keep my hopes up to be honest.

2) Square Enix


  • Final Fantasy XV, World of Final Fantasy, Nier: Automata and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will be the main focus of Square this TGS. I hope that they will reveal a release date for Nier during the event.
  • They already confirmed that SaGa: Scarlet Grace will finally be fully revealed during this event. I am kinda expecting an announcement of a PS4 version since I am not sure whether a Vita-exclusive game is still viable
  • I don’t think FFVII: Remake, Kingdom Hearts III or Dragon Quest XI will be present during the event in order to not steal the spotlight from FFXV
  • The official Mana Twitter has recently been active and teased some new announcements for the 25th anniversary of the series. They might announce a new game, but I wouldn’t expect too much from it since it could be a mobile game
  • Don’t know if that is too early, but maybe we’ll have an announcement of a PS4 port for the new Dissidia game. Another cool thing that I would like to have is Theatrhythm: Square Enix 😛

3) Bandai Namco


  • Main focus will probably be Tekken 7, Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Rest of the line-up consists of anime adaptations or Gundam Games
  • Since PSVR will be a focus I expect the infamous Summer Lesson to play a larger role as well
  • Ace Combat 7 was unfortunely not listed in their line-up, but I am hoping that we will get new info on that
  • In terms of new announcements I could see them announcing a new Soul Calibur game, but that might just be wishful thinking. Another thing that I would like to see is a new Digimon Story game or a Xenosaga Collection!

4) Capcom


  • Main focus for Capcom will definitely be Resident Evil 7. The game comes out in a little more than 4 months and yet there are still many mysteries surrounding that game. The footage that we have seen already had a strong focus on the horror parts of the game that seemed more similar to games like Outcast than older Resident Evil titles. Part of the reason for that is obviously the first person perspective, but also the distinct lack of action and combat. I hope that TGS will finally be the time for them to reveal how combat will work in this game because as of now I am not feeling the RE vibe yet
  • The other larger title will probably be Monster Hunter Stories, a 3DS Spin-Off of the popular Hunting Game Series
  • In terms of new announcements, I am hoping for Capcom to revive some of their dormant franchises and to announce either Devil May Cry 5 or Onimusha 5. I would also appreciate a PS4 port for Dragon’s Dogma now that it is out on PC as well.

5) Koei Tecmo


  • For me Nioh is definitely the most exciting game that Koei Tecmo has in development right now and I am convinced that the expectations for that game are pretty high. Next to Berserk Musou it will probably be the biggest KT game on the show. Hopefully we will get a final release date during the show.
  • Their subsidiary Gust have already announced 2 new titles in the last week that will be part of their TGS line-up (Blue Reflection and Yoru no nai Kuni 2). In addition, the new Atelier Title Atelier Firis will be on the show floor as well.
  • KT has already teased a new collaboration between Toei Animation and Gust that will be revealed on September 16 and they also teased a “surprise announcement” from CEO Kou Shibusawa which many believe will be Dynasty Warriors 9. It’s been nearly 4 years since the last DW was released in Japan, so it wouldn’t be surprising.



  • SEGA’s biggest game on the show will definitely be Yakuza 6 which will release on December 8 in Japan. This will be the first Yakuza title that is built exclusively for the PS4 and according to demo impressions the developers have taken this opportunity to freshen up the gameplay. According to SEGA this will also be the last game featuring series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, so let’s hope that it will be a good one (and come to the West eventually)
  • The other bigger game is the new game in the Valkyria franchise called Valkyria: Azure Revolution that will release on January 19. The first demo of the game that was released alongside the PS4 Remaster of the first Valkyria Chronicles was heavily criticized for its bad gameplay and according to the devs they have completely reworked it based on the feedback that they received. I am curious whether they succeded with that and also whether the newly announced Vita version will run well.
  • I am not expecting any big announcements from SEGA this year, but it would be nice if they would announce a HD Collection with Shenmue I and II, so that I could finally play the series without having to buy a Dreamcast!

7) Atlus


  • Persona 5 releases right before the TGS, so I expect it to have an appearance on the show floor to get even more players to buy the game
  • Other than that the only other Atlus game that I am expecting on the show is 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim by Vanillaware. We haven’t seen anything new of the game since its reveal at last years TGS and as a fan of Vaillaware titles I can’t wait to get more info in this one!
  • Other than that I am not expecting any announcements from Atlus. Etrian Odyssey, SMT and Persona just had new games coming out, so I wouldn’t know what they could announce except for a new SMT Spin-Off.

8) Nihon Falcom



  • Falcom will be at Konami’s booth, showcasing the updated PS4 version of Tokyo Xanadu. I don’t think we will see many announcements from them this year. If anything it might be an announcement of Sen no Kiseki III.

9) Kadokawa Games


  • Kadokawa will probably focus on some smaller niche titles like God Wars and Demon Gaze II that will release at the end of September. I really liked the first Demon Gaze and am therefore looking forward to the sequel
  • Subsidiary From Software will probably focus on the just announced first DLC for Dark Souls III – The Ashes of Ariandel. If they announce something new, I doubt that it will be related to Souls. Maybe a new Armored Core?

10) Konami


  • As expected Konamis presence at this year’s TGS will probably small. The biggest titles are probably Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 and Jikkyou Pro Powerful Baseball 2016
  • Since Konami already announced Metal Gear Survive during Gamescom, I am not expecting any further announcements this TGS


Of course, there will be other smaller developers/publishers on the showfloor as well, but I decided to not include them for now. Once the TGS is over I will definitely look at the most exciting things that were presented during the event, so expect another post then!